In ____ we fought darkness by taking nature’s gift of fire
In ____ we vanquished darkness at the touch of our fingertips only return to it at the flip of a switch when needed
In the 21st century we will conquer going into the light, keeping ourselves at balance with the light in the dark, in the heaven of our world where the darkness provides balance to our existence.
Purgatory is pure light and can be considered more hellish than anything else.
Balance is everything.
The universe is the yin and the yang, and together we are here to stay

To me when I love life the most, is when I fear it being gone the most. I’m attached, truly, it’s too fucking cool.
So many people fight this, they ask “you’re afraid to die?” And when it’s a yes it’s scoffed at like I’ve failed to breach that gate. But it’s not a gate I want to breach open.
Why would I ACCEPT that when it has just become possible to fight against it.

We’re all in a time river that doesn’t stop flowing. It is headed towards a dropoff into the abyss, the further along the river we get the more we understand about it. We can accept our fate, and drift until we fall off the edge, or fight to extend the length of the river.

Love is the opposite of Apathy
Love for life is the opposite of apathy for death
If you love something enough you’ll do anything to not lose it.
We don’t accept our child’s death. Why do we accept our own.
I love life so much I don’t want it to end.
I love my family so much I don’t want to see them suffer through old age.
My entire self is aligned on this idea.
Love the world. You may be able to hold on to it.
(And maybe that was the plan all along)

This could be turned into a game