The Philosophy Of Trying | An art of anti-nihilism

You can’t save the world if you don’t try

Your goal is not to succeed your goal is to try your best.

Largest Threats To Humankind as we know it:
Global Warming
Malevolent AI
AGI in hands of Malevolent Human
Misguided Super Intelligence
Aging Itself - This currently is the biggest factor of suffering and negative quality of life. Human life should not only continue, but be worth living

The conclusion that I have come to is not one that many others have. While a lack of meaning in life led me to depression, to find this new meaning. For many others the worldly pleasures and actions suffice to keep them happy, thus why should they find more meaning. The meaning is to live in it of itself. For me the meaninglessness was ever so apparent, taking away the joy caused by these actions and instead them being replaced with an understanding that a primitive part of my brain, released more happy neurotransmitters and caused joy in that time. The conquest of more of this being meaningless. And so I had to look, I had to ponder. The only conclusion I could come to was one of hope, that I did not have all the answers, that just as our ancestors believed in sacrificing a goat for rain, and not understanding weather patterns. That the universe had meaning unknown and untold to us at this time. That through time we may just gain some knowledge that rewrites our understanding of everything. Until our understanding of the universe is thus concrete, I hold on to this hope. Fighting going into that cold night.

Resourcefulness in business is finding ways to accomplish tasks for the least, and even gaining from them in multiple ways. Solve your problems with less, or solve problems and get paid to do so.
Resourcefulness in life is finding the most enjoyable path to helping to create heaven.
You don’t need to be unhappy. You don’t need to suffer to the max. Utilize that fact.