STF Video Ideas

STF Video Ideas

Title: The Galactic Preschool | A thought experiment that changes everything
The year was 2150 humanity had acheived what many would call creating a heaven on earth or Utopia. Vertical farming made far more land for living.
There was enough land and superstructures that every person on the planet got an amazing giant penthouse when they came of age.
These were luxurious, beautiful, and the common city structures that were connected made for amazing social oppurtunities, it was paradise on earth where no work was required, all of the humans who went through the struggle, these people went through fearing their death and went through the hardship of the fall of nations before the entire world was governed by an almighty and completley fair and loving AI. This AI not only then produced robots to help everyones daily lives, but allowed humans to floruish and to spend extra time loving and caring for one another. Humanity had truly acheived post scarcity. Along with it, disease had been eradicated, not just the diseases we think of standardly, but all diseases, and because death of old age is just an accumulation of body failure and disease piling up even that was gone. Now people over a hundred years old still skied on the alps, and enjoyed youthful lives with limitless oppurtunity to connect and engage with others. One major problem arose though, while this new frontier meant Utopian for the inhabitatts who previously went through prior times of hardship, the new children born into this era had major problems integrating with society. They were born with basically all the time in the world, but because they never had to struggle, life was ultimatley meaningless. These children grew up depressed, in order to combat this, groups of humans and the AI worked together, they created new preschools to help teach about why this world was so great, and to show the youth times of hardship in the past. They hoped this would foster the same gratiitude this generation of utopians felt about their current living conditions, but it was never enough.
The utopians now had LIVED the hardship, they had feared death which made them love the time they had to live. They understood that time was precious and it seemed this lesson was only capable through truly living it, through true fear of losing it, and truly experiencing loss of people they had come to love.
The top minds put their heads together and realized what they had to do. They needed to bring new generations into the universe with the complete illusion that that they to were at risk of death. They decided to construct a reality that would act as a preschool for the new youth entering their universe. With a limitless ability to create with the help of the artificall intelligence, and the major advances in robotics and bioengineering it was possible to create this experience without truly jeaopordizing the real souls of the universe. And so an entire world was crafted, the people of this world were placed into the final stage of dystopia, robots were made, essentially NPC’s who became loved by the real humans, and these NPC’s passed away. It was tough, but it was neccesary for their understanding in entering the stage of Utopia. It was all a part of the greater plan. This illusion was built so that every real soul had no idea about the greater plan they were a part of.

Video 2:
Title: We are closer to utopia than we think

Imagine a world that is far better than the one you currently live in. Now imagine a world that is worse.
It is easier for us to imagine worlds that are worse, when we imagine worlds that are better we realize new problems arise from these better worlds.
We are closer to utopia than we think.
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Video 3:
Title: Reality likely isnt what you think it is
By now youve probably heard of simulation theory...
Imagine a giant bag of marbles
Each marable represents an explanation of your current existence
Stay open minded to all the marbles and believe what makes your existence the best