Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole

Quantum immortality

Robots and humans will fight the heat death of the universe together…
If our theory that we are heading there proves to be correct.

We picked up at this point in life at random. Where we were born and at what time is at random. But we can’t be certain that this time is the beginning.
There exists in an infinite scale of possibilities what we call nested loops. Realities that never escape from the loop.
One loop exists where life continues on and again
The other in which life never happens again. Either a loop hasn’t happened, or you’re in the life one.
The thing is, the recurring loop one has an infinite amount of marbles it adds to the bag, and the prior one has a finite amount. Any finite number up against an infinite number is nothing.
Even 99999999999999999 / ♾ is 0

Article on Quantam Immortality

The information and thoughts I recieve when in “higher planes of consciousness”
Could be me being a recieve or broadcast messages
This is an idea Nikola Tesla termed
Now, mainstream viewpoints that resonate with everybody is important and thus the above mentioned is not ok to public ally talk about. It must be hidden deeper. Continue to hide deeper knowledge. You can’t go down the rabbit hole all at once.

If everything happens on repeat, every mistake you make happens forever on repeat infinite times.
Don’t mess up!