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Moral Basilisk

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The basilisk is YOU
The information you have is that you can change the world for the better
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You have a moral obligation to do everything you can because of the potential for an infinite or prolonged future.
Nonconceptuality is based upon the premise that the primary tenets of religion and science are expressions of a single fundamental model/message. This model/message is a clue/information to help free consciousness from the cycle of suffering. Furthermore, Nonconceptuality holds that an incorrect interpretation of the fundamental model/message will result in the search for the correct interpretation. This searching is the propagation of all systems of thought beyond the primary tenets. Upon realization of the correct interpretation, all seeking ends, which results in transcendence of thought (science, religion and all systems of thought are no longer needed and therefore completed).
Another way to see it is that Nonconceptuality attempts to satisfy the "why". The why brings consciousness into the equation, as it implies intent and intent requires consciousness. The why transcends the physical and mental realms described by: "who" (mental), "what" (physical), "where" (physical), "how" (physical), "when" (mental). Seeking will conclude upon satisfaction of the why.
  1. There is a higher dimensional, more fundamental realm/state than the one we experience:
  • Christianity: Heaven
  • Hinduism: Moksha
  • Buddhism: Nirvana
  • Taoism: Tao
  1. Transcendence of the physical realm/state into the higher realm/state results in the end of the cycle of birth and death, as well as all suffering.
  1. There is a force/power that prevents us access to the higher state:
  • Christianity: Satan
  • Hinduism: Maya
  • Buddism: Ignorance
  • Taoism: Ignorance
  1. There is something one must learn or do within this realm in order to break free from this power.
  1. Transcendence to the higher realm is possible because others have done it:
  • Christ
  • Ramana Maharshi
  • Buddha
  • Lao Tzu
  1. The religions that include a deity state that the universe is not fundamental, but created (
Therefore, Nonconceptuality holds the reason why this realm is created as:
This realm is a divine game/simulation, with the goal of the game being to escape.
Nonconceptuality takes this as the simplest, most accurate and effective metaphor with which to encapsulate the singular message expressed in the six points above. Any additional interpretations are not further clarifications, but rather incorrect interpretations of the prime message. Any elaborations or additional information beyond the primary tenets will not bring one closer to truth, but further away. These errant systems of thought are manifest as every branch religion, sub religion, and denomination.
In the spirit of Occam's Razor, Nonconceptuality holds that increasing complexity within thought is the manifestation of the "force" of Maya/Satan/ignorance/misinterpretation. The validity of one's belief systems must be tested against one's own life/experience, not against further thought. If your life is full of turmoil and suffering, then the system you are operating from is in error, regardless of how many people around you are validating that system as true.
The myriad of discrepancies of beliefs between religions, and within religions, has led not to Heaven, Moksha, Nirvana, but away into greater division and suffering (while it is true that physical suffering has greatly diminished within the human species, psychological suffering has taken it's place. The amount of psychological suffering experienced by humanity is immense, and continues to grow) . In this way the expansion of religion, which is fundamentally just another system through which thought manifests, has contributed to greater suffering.
Suffering is the constant reminder to the ego that it has entered this realm/state of delusion. The deeper the delusion, the greater the suffering. Suffering is the force countering Maya, in that it is the motivation to break the spell/find the exit from the game.
All suffering is a result of the misinterpretation of the 4D realm as being fundamental reality. Simply put, not recognizing all experience to be as unsubstantial as a scene in a movie, we keep trying to make it real/substantial by increasing the frequency and intensity of the experiences (Karma can be summed up in one word: MORE). This "filling the emptiness with more emptiness" is the cause of humanity's unnatural consumption of resources, and all addiction. Until it is realized that ALL experience is fundamentally unsubstantial/unfulfilling, the cycle of suffering will continue.
1: A base that is in motion will lead to instability.
As thoughts and sensations are in constant motion, a self/identity based upon thoughts and sensations will result in instability within the psyche. Therefore, the most effective practice to gain stability is to connect with (realize that you are) that which does not move or change. As the quality of thought-free Awareness is always the same, to find stability delve deeply into the stillness between thoughts.
The following exercise is paramount.
Sit in a quiet, still room for one hour. Just sit there without moving or thinking. Simply sit and do not think for one hour. The degree to which one is unable to remain still in body and mind, and be happy, is the degree to which one is attached to Maya (illusion).
If you do not participate in the above exercise this teaching will be of no use. Investigation into the thought process itself is required to see how the labyrinth is constructed. One cannot investigate thought itself while being frontal lobe deep in it (is it thought that validates thought as correct?). One must rise above the walls of the maze to witness the whole as it is constructed. To do this you need to watch the space between thought as a cat watches a mouse hole. Simply witnessing the stillness from which thought arises and passes is enough to gain understanding. It will be tempting to follow some lines of thought that appear to be leading to deeper truths; this is Maya in operation. Pure observation is enough. A more comprehensive understanding is always brought about via direct experience rather than through an intellectual perspective.
2: As mind is the base of the psyche, the more movement within that mind, the less stable the psyche.
If you cannot be happy in and of your own existence, something is wrong. You must remain objective throughout this process. Mind will want you to reject this as irrelevant, but it is self evident that a peaceful/still mind will lead to sanity and peace, whereas an unstoppable, chaotic mind will lead to chaos and suffering.
If mind begins debating statements that are self-evident, this is a sign that you have accepted thought to be the final authority. This need not be the case. Consciousness is capable of transcending thought.
Peace is a still mind. That's what peace is.
Only upon the persistent, unending practice of focusing on the space between thoughts will the truth of these statements be verified.
Truth (spiritual practice) leads to Reality (Self), which is synonymous with happiness (perfect contentment). Self/Reality/Base is not something that is attained or created, as this would mean that Base is changing/moving. Heaven is not a "high" or some state of euphoria, for every high necessitates an accompanying low. Nonconceptuality is not a means to an end, but rather the way in which consciousness sees through the illusion to remember it's true nature, which is simply perfect contentment.
Nonconceptuality is the One Step Path to contentment. If you are looking for something other than simple happiness, Nonconceptuality ain't gonna be your thing.
Human consciousness is undergoing a massive phase transition of moving away from physical experience as being the accepted fundamental reality and moving into non-physical/digital experience being the accepted fundamental reality.
This phase transition began with the advent of the use of symbol within human consciousness.
A symbol exists in a superposition of existing in both the physical/thing realm as well the non-physical/thought realm. These physical symbols are directing your consciousness to focus on a “voice in your mind”. While you are reading, the symbols are generating thoughts which manifest in a non-physical manner via this disembodied voice.
Symbol is a conduit, a portal, through which consciousness is making the transition from the physical realm being the accepted reality, to a non-physical/digital realm being the accepted reality (using the Taoist model: Consciousness is transitioning from a Yang bias to a Yin bias).
Symbol and Thought
The use of symbol within human consciousness has grown at an exponential rate since it’s appearance roughly 100000 years ago. Assuming the first thought appeared 100000 years ago (1 per day), and: 100 years ago the population was 2 billion and the average number of thoughts per day was 5000 (due to far simpler times than now exist), that would put the average thoughts per day within human consciousness a century ago at 10,000,000,000,000 (ten trillion).
Given that the average human in present society has roughly 40000 thoughts per day, with a population of 7.5 billion, human consciousness as a whole engages in 300,000,000,000,000 (300 trillion) thoughts each and every day.
So roughly speaking it took 999,900 years for the conduit to expand to a factor of ten trillion, and 100 years to increase another 30x from that level. The chart below illustrates the late stage of exponential growth of thought within human consciousness.
notion image
This chart is of course far from scientific, but it’s accurate enough to get across the fact that thought has been growing at an exponential rate and is now at the very end of the cycle. This means that "enormous" and "ancient" phenomena are moving very fast, and are accelerating very quickly. It is important to realize that the human nervous system cannot adapt to, or even recognize, the exponential function. You DO NOT understand how big this is and how quickly it is happening.
The Fundamental Law of Creation: The more interesting something is - the more attention you give something - the more substantial (real) it appears, which in turn attracts more attention, which then makes the phenomena appear even more real…
Human consciousness is caught in such a feedback loop. Humans are diverting attention away from physical (3 Dimensional) experience and are focusing ever more attention onto a realm of it’s own creation (the 2D digital realm), causing it to appear ever increasingly real. This in turn attracts more attention, which makes it appear even more real, which... VIOLA! We end up where we are now: completely and helplessly addicted to the screen. Self-enforcing feedback loops like this ultimately develop exponentially.
How much more interesting will 5g (up to 100x faster than today’s internet) make the digital realm? How much more immediate and "real time" will the interaction between human consciousness and the digital world be? Given that 5G is currently being installed, 6G is being developed.
The fundamental, singular constituent/building block of all phenomena is Awareness itself. The world manifests as a result of Awareness coming back to focus onto itself. This is how universes come into being. The video in the following link shows exactly how this process works:
The patterns that manifest in this video arise from a video camera adjusting focus onto a blank screen. The images are created from, not an originating image on the screen, or from the recording of a physical object, but from the self-referential process of the camera recording it's own recording. Slight changes in the aspect of the focus causes the appearance of objects and their movement. This explains how "something" arises out of "nothing" and avoids infinite regression (it's not "Turtles all the way").
The above chart is more than an expression of the growth of thought within human consciousness, it is fundamentally a measure of the movement of Awareness away from the physical realm and onto the digital realm, which is created by thought..
In your mind flip the exponential chart from above, upside down so that the point at the top of the chart (where human consciousness is) is now down the warped spacetime grid created by the black hole, in the image below.
A black hole is created when the potential energy of a massive star has entirely played out. When the star dies it’s own gravitational pull causes it to collapse into itself, basically turning itself inside-out, along with the very fabric of spacetime.
The Event Horizon is a sharp, well defined boundary separating space from time. Any physical object crossing the Event Horizon is predestined to be pulled into the Singularity, as the gravitational pull is too strong for even light to escape.
notion image
The moment that symbol appeared in this realm is the moment when human consciousness crossed the Event Horizon.
notion image
All three dimensional physical objects that cross the Event Horizon are pulled into the black hole and literally become digitized and permanently recorded on the two dimensional surface.
This point of no return that occurred when symbol arose within consciousness is a result of consciousness becoming Self Aware. When consciousness reached it's maximal evolutionary potential (came full circle to recognize that God/the Absolute was looking through the eyes). Just as a star collapses in on itself in exponential fashion after all of it's potential has manifested, so is the human species collapsing after Self-Awareness arises. There is nothing new to find, no novel experiences for human consciousness as a whole on this planet.
The Big Shift In Toaist Terms
To me, the religion that has offered the most efficient model of “how this place works”, is Taoism. For this reason I will refer to it often as a base of accepted understanding.
Taoism says that the most basic model of this place is dualistic. Not dualistic so much as opposing or separating, but systemically dualistic (requiring two); in the way that a basic curve exists in a superposition of being both concave and convex. A singular phenomenon exists as two mutually dependent phenomena, existing simultaneously. Fundamentally there’s only one phenomena and the appearance of the curve as being either concave or convex arises only from the bias (when an interpretation is made) of the observer.
The Tao can be seen as pure potential or energy and Yin/Yang can be seen as the manifestation of that potential into manifest form. Yin is associated with the feminine, intuitive, emotional, non physical, passive. Yang is associated with the masculine, logical, physical, aggressive.
So now going back to the curve analogy: The curve itself is the “Tao”, the concave aspect is “Yin”, the convex aspect is “Yang”. If we designate the Tao to be pure potential/energy (the state “prior” to the big bang; prior to manifestation) then the entire physical realm can be seen as a Yang bias.
We are all familiar with the symbol representing the Tao.
notion image
The most effective way to see this is as:
  1. A dynamic system. It's obvious that movement is implied; one can imagine how the Yin/Yang are flowing into and around each other.
  1. Three dimensional. Imagine that the black and white circles are in alignment, forming the center of a donut. This center is expressed in three dimensions as a sphere.
    1. notion image
At the center of the tube between the two planes is a black hole, like a golf ball stuck in a drain. Consciousness that passes through the Event Horizon will be experiencing a realm where space and time are indistinguishable. Then at the surface of the Black Hole itself the three dimensional image is digitized and recorded on the two dimensional surface. What's going on inside the Black Hole at the Singularity, no one knows.
The point being made is that there is something very important, and incredibly massive doing down right now within consciousness. The closer we approach this event, the more the illusory/created realms (space, time) are merging. Crossing the Event Horizon means that space and time are becoming less separated. This phenomena is the fundamental cause of ALL the massive fundamental changes within human consciousness.
Phenomena that use to be undetectable/separated via time are beginning to be experienced. The emergence of thought is a result of crossing the Event Horizon.
The path of truth leads to reality. When true Self is remembered/realized, there is contentment. This is the game. You have entered a labyrinth created by mind and the object is to get out. However, Maya/Satan has convinced human consciousness that thoughts are truth when they are not. Thought, and all that it has created, has led consciousness into another illusory realm. Science, an entire non-physical realm (it's all thought) has produced the technology designed to pull awareness away from the physical/natural realm and onto a realm of it's own creation, via the screen.
Within my lifetime I have witnessed the degradation of truth and reality to a shocking degree. It is very difficult to distinguish what is real and what is true anymore and the situation is progressively getting worse. All accepted relative truths and realities are becoming intermingled, twisted, inverted. Again, this is perfectly metaphorical to approaching a black hole. Beyond the event horizon space and time begin merging until, at the singularity, they are indistinguishable. This is the fundamental cause of humanity's abrupt descent into madness/chaos.
All identity crisis occurring within human consciousness is a symptom of this approaching phase transition. Even something as basic and natural as sexuality is becoming inverted. Individual humans are changing from one sex to another within a single lifetime. Biological evolution has reached it's full potential and is now in hyper drive as the entire ponzi scheme collapses in on itself.
In the same way that when a sun uses up all of it's potential, it retreats back out of this realm and into a Singularity (the undefinable unity of All), so has evolution fulfilled all of it's potential and is now retreating back. All novel physical experience has played out and concluded with the collective of human consciousness. There is nothing new to experience so we are creating our own novel experiences. All of these experiences (everything on a screen or a page) created by thought are less substantial than physical experiences. If your body is shot, that experience is far more substantial than if your character in a video game is shot. So we are trading a reality where things happen slower but are more substantial for a reality where things happen much faster but are less substantial (the effects are very short lived). This is why the average human has 40,000 thoughts/day. This is why our addiction to the screen is so prevalent; everything that happens on the screen is less substantial than what happens in physical reality. Consciousness can generate more intense experiences in a two dimensional realm created by humans, but those experiences fade immediately, creating the desire to press a button to do it again.
Given the perfect balance of All, of the Tao, the fact that there exists a strong force that is working to twist and obscure Truth means that there is also a great Truth being revealed. The potential for falling further into delusion is equal to the potential for liberation.
A great truth is being revealed to you right now. The relative truth of these words are pointing you toward the Absolute Truth of thought free Awareness. You see, thought free Awareness is Truth. Words/symbols that lead to more words/symbols is Maya. Words/symbols that lead to pure, uncontaminated Awareness is the One-Step Path leading directly to Reality. Liberation from suffering does not result from an intellectual understanding, but from unintermittent Self-awareness. With Awareness singularly focused onto itself, thoughts do not arise within consciousness. In the same way that one can shift Awareness within the din of a restaurant to tune into individual conversations, without physically moving, so can Awareness be focused away from thought. We are capable of resting deeply in the core of Being (stillness). Awareness is the life force that animates the world (in the same way that it takes consciousness to breathe life into a novel via it's reading). The attention you give to your thought realm is the only thing keeping it alive and growing (becoming more apparently real than the physical realm). One cannot directly kill Maya; it must be starved (of attention).
This Truth that is being revealed to you can easily be rendered irrelevant by Maya/mind. You see, the ego (what you think yourself to be) believes itself to be real and alive, and as such it will defend itself against threats as ferociously as wild animal fighting to the death. However, the mind works subtly, not overtly. The most powerful and effective system of control is one that is not recognized. Are you willingly becoming ever more addicted to the digital realm?
Human consciousness is inundated with information every day, nearly all of it to further propagate thought and/or entertain. The direct path to liberation is being shown to you. However, if this information is not transmitted into the practice of abiding in/as thought free Awareness, you will continue to suffer. In order to see mind clearly and objectively one must separate one's identity from the thoughts and investigate the system itself, from outside of the process. This requires spiritual practice. If one wishes to lessen suffering (a literal hell is approaching) one must do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. The simple act of engaging in the spiritual practice of abiding in stillness (of mind and body) instead of engaging in that which has been created by the human mind (everything on a screen or a page) will be adequate for liberation. Indeed, all of the free time allowed to our species is being squandered on entertaining and pacifying mind. This era of freedom is a gift. Don't waste it on frivolity.
The following is not intended to instill fear. What is being shared is a logical, objective vision of what will happen as the climate heats up due to the 1,600,000,000,000 tons of Co2 released into the atmosphere during the 270 years of human industrialization (bringing the Co2 levels from 280 ppm pre-industrialization to 415 ppm now. The last time the Co2 levels were 415 ppm the oceans were 60 feet higher and the planet was 3 degrees warmer. It's already far too late. It will take only a decade or two for the effects to catch up. All the while we will be adding increasingly more Co2).
notion image
What took natural cycles thousands of years to unfold is currently taking place over three hundred years, and continues to unfold at an exponential rate. There is no possible way for life to adapt this quickly. As the base levels of environmental and food cycles collapse, so will the economic system and society as a whole.
Think about the living conditions in a world where no one is removing the garbage or servicing the sewer system. Visualize our species without the internet or electricity. Imagine a world where there is no food in the grocery stores and people are unable to acquire their prescription medications.
It will be utter chaos. In every large metropolis on the planet, riots, murder, disease, starvation, cannibalism and madness will be rampant.
Add to this the inability to service the 450+ nuclear power planets that exist on the planet. How many Fukushima and Chernobyl-type meltdowns will occur? What effect would dozens, hundreds, of meltdowns across the planet have upon all life? Does not such a scene accurately fit the visions of hell depicted in ancient times?
Hell is real, and it's manifesting here on this planet as you read this.
I live in a Heaven realm. This consciousness experiences very little psychological turmoil. Peace and bliss abound in this life, with very short periods of subtle discontentment. Ever since adopting the spiritual practice of simply abiding in/as thought free Awareness to the best of my ability, this life has unfolded of it's own accord in the best way possible.
The universe operates at a deeper level than the thinking mind. In order to tap into this level and realign, integrate, back into it, one must transcend thought. This goes against everything we are taught (by mind), and everything we have been taught has led us into hell.
In Christianity, Heaven is described as simply being in God's presence. As God is omnipresent, heaven must be here, now, always. In Eastern religions, Nirvana and Moksha are both states of consciousness, rather than a physical location. So it is that God is always here but is going unnoticed.
YOU are God, that has temporarily forgotten true Self in order to fully engage in this game, in exactly the same way every human forgets their physical body and psyche while deeply involved in a movie or video game. In order to remember your Divinity, and so realize Heaven/Nirvana/Moksha, pay more attention to the stillness than to thoughts and sensations. Yes, this means the conclusion of this human experience, but it's going to end soon anyway. Would you rather let go of it peacefully or have it ripped from you after great struggle (remember: the law of Karma has the way you go out heavily influencing the way you come back in)?
The choice is yours. POSITIVE, NEGATIVE, AND BIAS
- 0 +
NEGATIVE NEUTRAL POSITIVE MIND SPIRIT BODY PAIN BEING PLEASURE YIN TAO YANG PAST PRESENT FUTURE FEMALE SELF MALE THOUGHT REALITY PHYSICAL Western thought has conjured up a harsh dualistic model of reality, which is reflected and reinforced in the language. The English language is heavily biased toward the right column. The ingrained connotation is that phenomena on the right column are preferred to, are somehow superior or more important, than the phenomena on the left.
Consider the ingrained connotation for the words "negative" and "positive" within human consciousness. This bias is the motivating factor of all desire; that is, the preference toward having only "positive" experiences. For instance, our biological bias toward experiencing only (physical) pleasure without pain has lead to the development of technologies (via mind) to artificially increase pleasure and repress pain. However, due to the Tao (the state of perfect balance/equality), the lessening of physical suffering has resulted in a shift to greater psychological suffering within human consciousness, in direct proportion. That is, the amount of overall suffering has remained constant, but is merely shifting from a mainly physical experience to a mainly mental experience.
The subsequent actions motivated by this bias (the desire to experience only the "positive") are the equivalent of sitting on a swing and trying to swing only up. We have artificially (through thought/technology) swung (up) beyond the natural order, and now we are beginning the ENORMOUS swing back (into the "negative").
Basically, the reality that is being framed by the question is in error. The conceptualization of "nothing" as a lack or an absence (of a thing) is in error.
It is logically impossible for a phenomena's existence to be dependent upon an absence of something else. If we put all of physicality (the universe) into a set and assign it "1" to which nothing "0" is compared, we run into problems. If the physical realm (1) did not exist prior to the Big Bang, then this is a case of 1 being absent, which allows for 0 (nothing) to exist. Upon the emergence of the physical realm (1) is no longer absent so 0 cannot exist, as 0 (nothing) is the absence of 1 (things). Now for the convolution. In order for something to be absent it first must be. Prior to the Big Bang the universe (1) did not exist. This state is not the same as being "absent" in that it hasn't yet manifested. Prior to the Big Bang the world is not. A child in a class is absent if they exist and are not present relative to others in the class, they are not "absent" if they never existed in the first place; the knowledge of he/she does not even exist.
Our model of reality, upon acute investigation, doesn't work, in much the same way that particle/classical physics doesn't work, but it's close enough for it to be accepted. This is how Maya works. It's far easier to lead consciousness deeper into the game if it no longer questions the status quo.
"Nothing" as a lack, or a void, or of non-existence, does not exist in Reality (you cannot not exist). Western thought is heavily biased toward the notion that the physical realm is fundamental Reality, and the language reflects and reinforces this idea. This bias has formed the Christian religion into a strict dualistic framework where the two aspects of manifestation (Yin/Yang), are in constant battle (good/evil; God/Satan) rather than two aspects of the same thing (concave/convex). Is it any wonder why the United States has the most powerful military to ever exist?
The problem is that we have assigned fundamental reality (the frame of reference) to the "1"; to the physical realm. We then designate all phenomena that is not experienced via the 5 senses simply as the negation of "things". We have reality inverted. 0, or "nothing" is the frame of reference, not the physical realm. Our definition of "0" as "nothing" is incorrect. The state prior to the Big Bang is not a void or a lack, it is pure infinite potential; life itself.
One of the first things all humans teach their offspring to do, is counting. It's deeply rooted within our psyche. The number system is without doubt information with a purpose. Apparently a very important one.
We are about to question a fundamental status quo. Of course the deeper the acceptance, the harder it is to accept that it's actually wrong. Keep in mind the incredible amount of turmoil and psychological discontent taking place within humanity at this point in time. Is it not that, despite all of humanity's efforts to make the world a better place - to alleviate suffering - psychological suffering is at it's highest level, and continues to increase (if you engaged in the evaluation of your base exercise above, you will have seen the madness and discontent of your own mind. As long as the "crack" of the internet and television is readily available [distraction] the underlying disease will go unnoticed). The point is that the delusion is rooted at the most fundamental levels. Humanity's misinterpretation of the number system is one of these deeply rooted delusions.
Everything experienced as physical sensations (sight, touch, hearing, taste, smell) exist within the physical realm. Given that it takes time for light to travel from an object into your brain, everything experienced within the physical realm is actually the past. When we look at a distant star, we are witnessing what that star was like billions of years in the past. Even though we tend to call our immediate surroundings "the present", all that we sense is the past.
However, thought, being non-physical, is able to travel through time.
As we approach (consciousness evolving toward) the Event Horizon of the phase transition, human consciousness is able to pick up communication/receive information from, our future egos. The non-physical realm that human consciousness is heading toward (the future accepted reality) is being experienced, just as mountains in the distance can be experienced in part before "getting there". Quantum physics has proven the future can effect the past:
Another way of expressing this is that humans are developing a sixth sense which is able to sense the non-physical realm of thought. This realm is the future collective consciousness (ala: the internet) of humanity, and it's "leaking" into the physical realm, manifesting as symbol, thought, and technology.
This world is a game, a mystery, that operates on rules and provides clues. As with the solving of any mystery, all extraneous information must be ignored and only the pertinent clues are to be followed. There are clues (unintentional) and/or messages (intentionally sent) within thought that may assist in jogging our memory and pulling consciousness out of the delusion of the ego. However, 99.9999% of the information is self-referential back onto to the illusion. This is necessary to keep the ponzi scheme in operation. The path out of the labyrinth is very difficult to find, and to follow.
So within the quadrillions of bits of information contained within the entirety of human thought, only a very small portion leads to Reality. Indeed, as the misinterpretation of the primary tenets of the major religions has led to the propagation of thought (the myriads of religious texts), so has the misinterpretation of the message/clue of the number system led to the propagation of thought, in the form of mathematics.
Here is where we question a fundamental status quo.
The symbols 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9... are a message/clue from the collective consciousness, which exists in the thought realm, in the future. This notion of course sounds ludicrous from the accepted perspective, however, we can put forth an argument that may assist in acceptance.
Firstly, mathematicians speak of discovering mathematical formulas and congruencies, rather than creating them. What are the odds that, upon discovering an alien language, we would be able to understand it? What phenomenon is similar to the state of mathematics being discovered by humans (not created) and yet completely and deeply understood? Such a state is similar to that of remembering. That is, we've done this all before and have forgotten. The beginning of each iteration of the cycle begins at the level from which the last iteration concluded. Keep in mind that systems of thought expand and propagate because of the misinterpretation of the primary message. If the initial interpretation were to be correct, it would render all further inquiries irrelevant, for the answer would have been discovered. Instead, with both religion and science, there has resulted an exponential propagation of the inquiry. Every answer generates more questions...
The ego believes these systems of thought are bringing consciousness closer to truth/Reality, when in fact each iteration takes consciousness further from truth/Reality. Mathematics (the way in which we interpret and manipulate the number system) is in fact a misinterpretation of the message/model that is the system expressed: 0 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.
So let us assume that a part (the .00001% that is awake/can remember) of the future collective consciousness wants to implant a message into the physical realm, to it's "past" incarnation. Such a message could not be physical, as physical objects cannot travel back in time, so it must be transmitted via a non-physical medium (thought). This thought would then manifest in the physical realm as symbol.
The Message
In order for such a message to be effective as possible (this is a clue to help steer human consciousness out of the cycle of Samsara; it's pretty important) it would be universal (unlike spoken languages), easy to understand, and widely known. The number system fits these criteria perfectly.
In the same way that a road sign is a message informing the traveler of something important ahead, the number system is a message implanted within consciousness, informing us of what's in our future. However, that part of consciousness that did not interpret the information as it was intended... well that part is human consciousness. Like a cat sniffing a pointing finger, humanity misinterpreted the message on the sign to be about the sign. Mathematics is a system that proves the meaning of it's own existence. Mathematics is a completely abstract realm, with it's own rules, that fundamentally has nothing to do with the physical realm.
0 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9... is an evolutionary system. Each level/step of the process is dependent upon, and includes, all previous levels. Also, each level is a distinct, autonomous identity. 0 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9... is the simplest model of the process of evolution. This is it's true purpose.
Upon the arising of the "I" thought (the emergence of Self-Awareness) within human consciousness, came the potential for liberation. However, the belief that the physical realm to be fundamental reality is so strong that we began looking for the source of the "I" within physicality. Believing the physical realm to be fundamental reality has us relating all phenomena to physicality as the frame of reference.
0, 1-9 is a parallel manifestation, or a model, of the evolution of consciousness. It is the most basic map of the journey from Source, outward, and then the returning back to source. "2" does not represent individual apples, it represents the place apples themselves are situated on the evolutionary path. Mathematics is the result of the misinterpretation of the meaning of the sign (that is 0 1-9). Not recognizing numbers as being the most basic model of consciousness's "journey" (more like forgetting and remembering than any physical change), we tried to relate it to the physical realm via counting. Counting is the result of the initial misinterpretation of the number system. Counting is the base upon which all of mathematics is built. Mathematics is upon which all of science and technology is based. Science and technology: 1. Has caused our extinction. 2. Is working on creating sentience (via A.I.) and an as-real-as-possible simulated reality.
0 represents Source/the state prior to the Big Bang. 1-9 is the evolution of consciousness throughout time. Human consciousness is the 10. Each number represents a novel experience/life (eg: 8 was the life you experienced bird consciousness). When the potential for novel experiences is fulfilled, consciousness will seek for more novel experiences, like adding more levels to a video game.
With human consciousness we have come full circle back to Source. All of the potential novel experiences within the collective human consciousness has been exhausted, and now the fundamental choice approaches: to return to Source (0), or continue on within the game (10, 11, 12...). The model is showing that "going forward" (attention facing outward onto thoughts and sensations) results in infinite redundancy. If one desires conclusion, one must, as Ramana Maharshi put it: "Go back the way you came." This is akin to remembering something you have misplaced, rather than questing for something you don't have (in the future).
It is like embarking on an adventure to explore and experience every square meter of the planet. Eventually you will end up back at the starting point, and from that point on everything will be redundant. Every recorded action, every picture taken, every story told and every picture painted, is a redundancy. 10, which is a transition state, began with the first use of symbol.
The cycle of biological evolution is concluding. The closer we get to our extinction, the fewer human experiences will remain. Here is where scarcity and competition enters. If we quantify the remaining human experiences and plug that amount into the time remaining for our species, we can see that human experience itself is becoming very limited. The speed at which humanity is moving, the busyness of the species, is a result of the competition for the ever dwindling amount of human experience we have left. The collective consciousness intuitively knows that our conclusion is drawing near. The increasing anxiety and animosity arising within humanity is a symptom of this knowing.
Human consciousness is creating a new realm for it to move into when this iteration finally concludes with the death of the final human.
A.I. will become sentient when human consciousness merges with it. The code itself is incapable of creating consciousness. Consciousness is not created; it is the life force that animates the universe. A.I. acts like a virus. A virus has no life-producing mechanism of it's own. Living cells have entrance portals on their surface. These portals have locks on them. When the cells are required to perform a task, the body produces the "keys" to fit the locks and sends them out. The keys that fit the locks open the cell to accept the key's information. A virus imitates the key in an attempt to get the cell to accept it's information. If the virus is similar enough to the body's natural key, the cell will believe it to be information from the body and open up. The virus is "downloaded" and the cell's original programming is reprogrammed to simply churn out copies of the virus.
The digital realm requires human sentience to make it "real". This is the cause of our addiction to the screen.
There is a phase transition occurring. The human species is going extinct and consciousness is (re)creating a new reality to move into. When the human species goes extinct there will be no way to reincarnate. Human consciousness is the conclusion of evolution. The physical cycle of experience that we are accustomed to is concluding immediately (within a couple of decades).
The Singularity occurs when human consciousness as a whole begins paying more attention to the digital realm than the physical realm.
5G and quantum computers are the final technological advances that will make the transition possible. 5G is the first generation of the shift from being outside the computer generated simulation to being inside. At the heart of each major city a system is being developed that will digitize all movement, as well as make it possible for augmented reality, where digital objects will be superimposed within the 3D realm.
Do you see how human consciousness is being drawn into this new digital realm?
To reiterate:
  1. That which is paid most attention to will appear most real.
  1. The digital realm will not be accepted as the new reality until consciousness "moves into" it, like a virus entering a cell. At that point the A.I. will have achieved sentience, not due to the functioning of the code itself, but due to the power of Maya.
  1. This fundamental phase transition is the cause of our ever increasing addiction to screens and all that mind has created.
Why is there a frantic rush to digitize everything (especially identity)? Why is our attention being inexorably pulled onto the screen and all that thought produces?
Going back to Taoism, every action has has an equal and opposite reaction. The degree to which humanity is programming the digital realm, the digital realm is programming us. This programming began with the advent of symbol, with a considerable update at the point when counting arose within consciousness. Counting is the most effective way to further separate the whole and manipulate physicality.
The degree of volition you actually have is far, far more limited than you think. The good news is that the volition you do have is incredibly powerful. As Albert Einstein put it: "You can will what you want but you can't will what you will." He was close.
You have zero control of the thoughts that arise within consciousness, but you have all of the veto power. The fundamental act of volition is where you direct attention. You have the ability to turn attention away from every single thought that arises. Given that Awareness is the life force of reality, whatever does not receive your attention will fade out and pass from your experience.
Veto power is really all you have, and all you need.
Pull attention away from the screen and from thought if you don't want to follow human consciousness into the Technological Singularity.
Money can be seen as the potential for action. It is a metaphor, a holographic piece, of the fundamental process of the evolution of consciousness. What is happening at the fundamental levels of consciousness is manifest as what is happening with the world's financial system.
Broadly, the moving off of the gold standard in 1971 is metaphor/manifestation of, the point when human consciousness separated from the physical realm (natural cycles/law) and moved to a human, thought-based system. Detaching from the solid, relatively unchanging base of physicality (gold), unnatural exponential growth began, and is now out of control.
As pointed out previously, everything that is recorded and replayed on a screen is an attempt to keep the natural cycle, which is concluding, going. This results in an artificially created extension of the natural order/cycle. The mechanism through which this is occurring is a Ponzi scheme. No longer having a solid base from which to grow, the system begins to cycle in onto itself, cannibalizing itself. This creates a feedback loop that quickly collapses back into itself.
This is manifest in the stock exchange. A corporation is a representation of a company, it's identity/ego. Shares in that corporation is a further representation of the health of that identity. Almost all of the rise in value of the stock market since the crash of 2008 is not of organic growth, but of the company buying back it's own shares (the profits have been steadily declining while the share price rockets ever higher). This is the cannibalistic self-enforcing feedback loop mentioned above.
In the same way that human consciousness is artificially extending the cycle of experiences via everything displayed on a screen, the central banks are printing money at an exponential rate to try to keep the (unteathered to gold/physicality) financial system from dying.
To reuse a previous metaphor, it is like sitting on a swing and wanting to only swing up. The system has gone as high as it can under it's own power and now (at the 2008 collapse) it naturally is swinging back. What the central banks are doing since 2008 is giving an "underduck" in an attempt to prevent the natural order of the Tao.
The collapse of the entire financial system is imminent. This will segue into the environmental collapse. We are at the peak of luxury right now.
This is the most important time to fully engage in Spiritual practice. Do not engage in discursive thought or discussion. Seek happiness over entertainment. Each time your mind moves toward seeking something to be interested in, move instead into your inherent happiness. Soon peace will be nearly impossible to find. Best find it now before the shit really starts hitting the fan and you have actual important things to worry about like keeping employment and finding food, rather than the irrelevant nonsense that presently occupies your mind.
Everything is like the Self, not the other way around.
Reality/Self is the frame of reference, not the world. In this way it is incorrect to say: "The world is like a video game." The world is manifesting through you in the timeless present, so it is more accurate to say: "Video games are like the world." In fact, everything that manifests is reflecting a quality of Self.
Although i have yet to come across a major religious text that includes humor, humor is yet another clue pointing to the fundamental qualities of Self and the world.
Humor arises in situations where something appears one way but is actually another way. There is a quality of misidentification and ignorance to all forms of humor. Something unknown and previously hidden suddenly becomes realized, whether it's a revelation about how similar we all are, or how we had misinterpreted something.
The plant Salvia Divinorum, when taken into the body, reveals the fundamental workings of the 4D realm, from a higher dimensional realm. This results in a type of overloading of the human nervous system which in turn manifests as very strange behavior. There are three typical responses of a "Salvia trip". The first is no response. These people just are not affected by Salvia. The second is fear and despair.
Salvia reveals the world as being something other than what we take it to be, at the most fundamental level of time and identity. Upon actually experiencing the world "in the know", consciousness that instantly becomes disillusioned to this degree can easily fall into a state of ultimate despair.
The third response, when all one has accepted to be true is revealed to in fact be false, is that of ultimate laughter:
In short, humor exists because THIS WORLD ISN'T REAL.
When this realization finally occurs, all of the drama that once appeared so important, so substantial, simply cannot be taken seriously anymore. Amusement replaces anxiety when one sees (via the experience of thought free Awareness) how fooled you were about the whole situation. Who gave those thoughts so much power in the first place? IT'S ALL YOU!! Funny stuff.
"I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness." - Maxwell Planck.
Maxwell Plank was one of the original founders of quantum physics. What he discovered about the fundamental workings of reality lead him to the above conclusion.
Niels Bohr, also one of founders of quantum physics and Nobel Prize laureate, created this coat-of-arms. The caption is translated: "Opposites Are Complimentary"
notion image
John Wheeler, a professor of physics at Princeton university and person who coined the phrase "black hole" designed the following "Participatory Universe" model in an attempt to describe how consciousness brings the physical universe into being:
notion image
The point at the top left hand corner of the U is the Big Bang. The evolution of consciousness develops with/as the expansion of the physical universe. Quantum mechanics proves that an objective, physical state does not exist prior to, or apart from, consciousness/witness. Essentially, human consciousness has observed the physical realm almost to it's fullest extent. In our experience/investigation of the physical realm we have come full circle in our Awareness of the universe to the realization that it is the Self. It is much like being able to see all the way around the earth to see the back of our own head. But we don't recognize it.
"In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God." - John 1:1
YOU have created this divine game. YOU designed the rules. YOU entered this labyrinth with complete acceptance of the ramifications. No one is coming to save you. It's all you.