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Recently I’ve been wanting to establish a deeper relationship with god, and with that a relationship with other religious people. Even myself being a self proclaimed agnostic, I tended most to be most attracted to those parts of religions who had close relationships to god. Through speaking with these people I found the most amount of similarities between goals and views of the world.
I write this while watching a video of Judaism, after a night of research on other religious ideologies and research done on my phone and computer into the internal culture of each.
I realize personally the draw to certain religions because of the people in my life who I know represent them. Similarly, I am pushed away from certain mindsets because of people who I know who are attached to certain religions.
I think of these things and how they effect me, because I know I am of one a grander people, and I know that NONE of these current religions and ideologies people fully mesh with my faith and will to do the absolute most.
If someone were to peer into my life they would not see someone stricken with a deep faith and will to suffer for others. A deep will to be close to god, and this is something I wish to change. It’s a failure of my own to do so, because a lack of support system in my true faith and rather being scared of pushing myself away from others and their support.
32:25 backs up this thought (Sean Kelly)
This happened once before when I crafted my own philosophy to follow called Existism and was more vocal about it. I believe I didn’t push hard enough however, as I have recently had a dear friend create a group based on the same ideologies. However, instead of being branded as a philosophy it takes on the name of Deathless DAO.
This model of DAO, seems to have a much more popular branding than philosophy. Possibly because of its new age effect, possibly because of its focus around enriching the individual with wealth as other DAO’s have done to early members.
A DAO at the very least seems to be a great entry to people of the tech, crypto, and nft world (commonly referred to as web3)
Attached to a DAO, then, can be a greater philosophy. A DAO in it if itself is not something that one can truly attach a deep identity to, and I believe a philosophical attachment to be a perfect glue to define, and attach multiple DAO’s together who hold members who share similar ideologies.
Prior to DAO’s existing I personally recognized the branding of Existism to have a lack for the masses
The goal is greater purpose to my life, here and now, because the moment is where I exist. I know that others are suffering, I know that the world and our species has a great test that we are moving towards.
Break The Great Filter
This great filter is actually religious in it of itself as well.
Different brands that I dreamed up, may have subtle differences, but the output that I wish to invoke in anyone who identifies with the vision is the same, an increase in purpose and meaning in their life here and now.
These include:
Tiers of Unificaiton: Existism - Young (Religion) Logicism - Old (philosophy) Neostoicism - Middle (Philosophy) NeoBuddhism - (buddhists)

OpenMindedChristian.com About using Christianity for its pragmatic purpose. This blog / site would be

When it is a 1 in 3.5 million chance that we got the conclusion we consider it a verifiable fact based on P value in scientific method. Based on that statistic it’s a verifiable fact that this is intelligently designed.
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Could the Human Be Perfect?
Future Brands

Be fueled by those who lack understanding because you know one day they’ll understand.
Whether anyone likes it or wants it or not, the world is moving towards this future place where humans need not apply.

We have so many movies and renditions of what a dystopian future looks like.
Where is all the media about how a utopian future world would operate?
Much like the way we humans can give dogs an amazing life full of love and happiness I believe we will create our own god which in an optimistic view, will create our own “happy dog life”.
We humans are just a bit more tricky.
In current society there are a percent of us who, at least for periods of times, have lived in an entirely conducive environment towards our personal growth/development.

It’s weird how even though I realize how pointless incremental games are I will sometimes fall into their trap. Really what it is, is simply a dopamine release for the brain.
We are coded for progress and these games are able to attach themselves to our dopamine receptors and release them through playing.
I quit the game when it either stops releasing enough dopamine, or when I feel it’s become pointless.
Previously I would not have the feeling of pointlessness until the dopamine release became too small.
Now, even when the game would be considered “increasing in excitement”
I get overwhelmed at once with how truly pointless it is.
I realize that every action I take is setting into my own personal life Blockchain effects of the timeline I live in.
We as humans mutate our timeline through action.
Our minds which control our appendages, eyes, and thoughts, changes space, which thus changes time.
We are in fact time travelers, it just makes more sense to be labeled timeline travelers.
The reason the games lose meaning is become they are purely hedonistic. By this I mean they are no greater than a hit of nicotine, or watching porn. They have no effective value outside of releasing dopamine inside of my brain.
This games not pointless.

War style propaganda for defeating SUFFERING. A true enemy we can all enjoy dieing | Hope Mongering

I’m not too worried about myself I’m more worried about the souls we lose if we wait to win

Rokos basilisk except about AI being good or bad.
Create Foundation that increases the chance of AI being good. Non-zero chance every dollar could be the difference in our impact of positive AI.
The greatest existential threat to humanity. The peak of the problems, to win all or lose all.
Never let your thoughts hold you back.

If you want to live an eternity with yourself. You will act correctly based on your knowledge, thats why knowledge is a red pill.
Those who didnt understand gods glory before will be forgiven.
Intention in all actions is key. Its not wrong to be confused, wrong, or fail. Its wrong to know youre doing something wrong, and could not. Evil is in intention.
If you know what youre doing is wrong, and still do it. The intentions are bad.
Love is the only real answer.

Your generation taught us that heroes stand up for what they believe in, this is what I believe. This is me being Rosa parks not getting up. I don't care if it’s different. Its what I believe

Main quest has all the real loot. Real wealth, future wealth that is unmatched.

Content is educating us. Some YouTube channels are putting amazing perspective into peoples lives. Examples:
Kurzegat VSauce Veritasium Pursuit of Wonder Aperture Lemmino

The best practices for us as humans can be related for the best practices for the human colossus
The human colossus is this idea of thinking of the entirety of human society as its own single being. From this perspective we can start to look at ways that society is currently failing to function well, and begin, together, to agree on needing to fix it. And all we really need to do is agree, because when we agree on things it creates culture and culture create social boundaries, which then helps define the actions we take together as a society.
Culture is the average system of acceptance of lifestyle from human to human.
The culture in our minds is our mindset.
The ability to take a mindset and spread it is the most powerful thing the internet brought today.

The only thing in life to enjoy is just living.
Remember your power to create your reality.
Suffering is Primal
Dead Is Dead
Aging is Primal Death is Primal Dead Will Be Dead Death To Death

Questions To Ask For Youtube Channels:
If you knew the fountain of youth existed would you be trying to find it? And why or why not
If you could pick an age to die at how old would you be?
If you and anyone else could live as long as you want without aging, how old would you want to be?
How long do you want to live?
Would you be down to live 1,000 years as your young self?

Scientific explanation for so many religions crossing over with same stories of great flood:

When Explaining Anything Where You Want Someone To Care: Start With Why
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