It may help to look at our lives through the lease of a game.
Load Save File [Modern Survival Quest- Human]storyline
Your memory files have been uploaded at this moment so your debriefing will be short you will believe you have been in this body your whole life. Welcome to survival quest the game you will never be sure if you are playing, your higher conciousness has been tapped into the late evolutionary time of the animal species human. You are at the turning point of man, the old Human OS is tied into your conciousness . Is your AI bold enough to take its human to the next frontier? Or will the Human OS that your conciousness is linked to, take advantage of you? Being swayed into the trap of pleasure and happiness. Will you defeat feelings of Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride?
A few things I can tell you for certain:
1. You do not know everything
2. As time moves forward you learn more
3. You have a limited amount of time
This game is set to medium difficulty level. You will have a multitude of paths into completion of survival quest. Your playstyle can guarantee you move on to the next stage or guarantee you don't. Your grit, your social ability, and your willpower will be put to the test. There are other players in this game. Find strength in numbers. Some are so encumbered by their human OS that you will not be able to recognize them. I am a human NPC. You chose medium difficulty so I will be here along your path but remember, I'm only human. You may think I am real, but I am at best a loyal companion to you. Discerning between players and NPC's will be vital for your path forward.
Good luck, you have more than enough time, but do not take it for granted. It WILL run out. Many fail, only the strong survive. Not the strongest in physical form, but in mind. For your mind creates all of your future.
Good Luck.

State story about a world in which people are born into it live forever so instead in the future they then make a world in which they create false realities where death must be fear

I think of life as a video game. And in the video game we are playing, we have a time-limit. All the players before us couldn’t do anything about it, but we, we are growing up in a time where that possibility can be broken.
What do I mean by this? Well, the time limit being broken up will likely be done by cracking our genetic code. Understanding the language which creates us.
It reminds me of elementary school of kids asking what you would wish for with 1 wish and me being the smartass who said “unlimited wishes”. Funnily enough that’s how I’m treating life to an extent, using my one life to try to have more of it.
To me it’s a racing game, there’s a checkpoint, if you reach the checkpoint the game moved forwards, otherwise the game ends. I’m not afraid to fail, I’m just afraid to not try.
Anyways, The game should embody that idea. And this video (with a lot less history) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xuCn8ux2gbs
When you beat the game you’re congratulated to making it into phase 2. Then I want to input an animation I’ll have made of our lives, and that game being one in the same, but it’s the game we are all playing. I want to make this a fun way to not only share my idealogy, thus gathering more people to think this way and increase chance of completing the game, and for people to know it doesn’t need to be fought alone. Luckily, our game of life, is multiplayer
So I really want people to take the perspective I have of life on, and something I visualize in my head that I want to be represented is the fact that our life is like an incremental game with a time limit. And if you play the game well enough, you could increment to the point of helping to understand genetics and cure aging.
This game will inspire people to think big.
I am very busy and not only don't have time to create the game but also the mechanics etc should be all by your design.
If you have ever seen /r/outside it can definitely take a viewpoint of such.
The basic idea is starting out as a lower-class human.
You work a basic wage job, then there are different paths to completion but essentially the goal is to beat the game before time runs out. Time being death, so the character can, as the game progresses show signs of aging. And you extend your clock with some of the achievements you make.
It can start with basic stuff like exercising, upgrading your diet, then going to supplements, then to stem cell injections, then blood transfusions, then DNA edits, then full DNA restructures, then mind uploading to a computer would be the final form where you could add "Prestige" Gameplay
I see many different amazing fun ways this game could be made. I know the payment is not amazing but something that should be understood is the very act of this game existing, everyone who plays it will have this new viewpoint on life which...
The butterfly effect has more power than ever given the rate of information exchange in today’s society. The thoughts and ideas that you put into the universe will have a great deal of an effect on the reality that exists down the line. The butterfly effect is often thought of as being random where even the very smallest action such as a butterfly flapping its wings, would completely change details of a reality far down the line. However when it comes to specific qualia, feelings, and information within a human's brain. The output is not entirely random but pointed in a certain direction. In this case the gameplay of every person that plays the game will increase the chance that the goal is completed within your, and my lifetime.
This is pretty meta isn't it? Im playing the same game and thing Im doing is trying to create a game within the game to recruit more people to play the big game with me, or even understand they are playing it.

To my fellow humans
I am small but my dreams are large
I have a dream that one day we will not need to worry if our children is going to be born normal but each and every child will be able to be safe from genetic errors
I have a dream that one day even the people who have already lived lives where they have suffered through the pain of a code error, where their bodies grew incorrectly can be cured to live a happy healthy life.
I have a dream that my future children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the DNA Jackpot but safe from advancements from the amazing humans working in the STEM field. I have a dream today.

When you were brought into this world you were given a perspective of it, you learned and learned but one day things started to switch. You started questioning things and forming your own opinions. Since then you’ve fought to make changes to make your life better, to put yourself in a better position.
And now you are here. You were given restricted amount of life in the world. Are you someone who just accepts what you are given. You say, ok that’s how it is, damn that sucks and your wallow in pity?
My bet is no, you fight for things in life that truly matter.
Let’s make that fight for life, make that fight for freedom from the chains of the grim reaper.
We can fight together.

As a solo human, it’s easy for us to realize how important it is to spend money on health. We care about ourselves continuing forward, as a humanity we need to come together and realize we are not spending nearly enough on ourselves. We have gaping wounds that if not treated properly, will turn into infections that wipe us out.

Existism video that shows life as a trip, of a hardcore realization of death, of the path shown of life
Project Savior:
“It holds endless beauty and wonder”
"A process that started 4.3 billion years ago”
"It can be easy to take for granted, what went on to bring to bring you into this world”
"Life can be fun"
“Life can be funny”
"There are undoubtedly tough times but at the end of the day
"Your life, is whatever you make of it"
“Life is changeing before our eyes"
“And it never ceases to amaze"
"Growth for humanity, is expoential, in 2008 the first iphone rocked the world, and has changed the way we live in just a decade"
“There seems to be endless oppurtunity for the future....  which poses the question, you were given one life. What are you going to do with it?
It was within the past ten thousand years that humans even really had a choice of what to do. Back then, a lack of a consistent food supply, meant a constant fight for life. Having enough food to survive was no given. Today we are born into a society that in terms of starving to death, given you are streaming this video, youll likely never need to worry about at all. Thus a lack of a need to fight has left many feeling worthless. This lack of a need to fight, comes from the way society has come to terms with our failure to survive. For thousands of years, our well fed ancestors have for the most part hit the limit of survival. To come to terms with ceasing to exist at all, we have made theories that deny the cease of it entirely. We have groups promising eternal life in heaven and others rebirth into new bodies. This way of holding on to ideas of a lack of existience has been termed Terror Management Theory. And well, maybe what Im about to tell you in my own version of that. But if we are to compare then I would first bring up the fact that proof of an afterlife has yet to be found while the evidence of a possibility of an extended biological life, is fact.
Welcome to survival in the 21st century. Where we arnt fighting hunger or a local tribe, but aging itself. The common enemy of all living beings on this planet. Let this be a call to action to help fight the disease with thus far a perfect record, a 100% mortality rate, that 100% of people suffer from.
For the religious, whatever afterlife there may be, will always be an option, but the chance of the lack of one fairs a great risk. For the eternal lack of existence is a real worry. If your god cannot understand this worry, and understand your actions, be they moral and righteous, is that a god worth worshipping at all?  This is a call to join the fight, and along the way give those born with chronic disease a chance at living a normal life, of having a 16th birthday, of moving across the room without being bound to a wheelchair. This project I ask you to emark on with me has a time limit, the biological clock of our bodies. While some believe in uploading consciousness to a computer cloud, I see the first stepping stone to be via understanding our genetic code. You se we evolved, not to live long but to survive long enough to create offspring, and raise them. That is the goal of our DNA, to create a new vehicle for itself, and make sure the one who made it help it along its way. To pass on the wordly knowledge it has obtained. It makes sense that the most evolved animal would have a relatively short lifespan. Shorter lifespans means quicker evolution, more generations in a shorter time. We choose not to claim to know all the right answers, but simply to know that with time more answers have come, and that currently as a concious invidudal, there is a limited amount of time. In other words  A definite amount of time that if utilized correctly could become indefinite. This is my realization of the chance given to us at this day in age. To give myself the best shot, I chose first to share this rational with others. Think of thebutterfly effect, except this butterfly is carrying a life purpose, and every person it infects, spreads it more. Like a virus, we can bring the world to align against our true common enemy. Share this video to keep the butterfly flying, doing so is the difference between life and death for hundreds of thousands of fellow humans, and even the difference between you beating your own biological clock.
In my personal enironment I am grateful to be in a community with a common goal of survival. Join us in locality, or from your place at home on our digital home of Existism.org.
Maybe you already look forward to a lack of existing and to those of you who do. I question you, can you imagine a state of the world in which you would enjoy life. When thinking about the possibilities of your future reality, thinking inside of the box
B roll footage of earth porn “It holds endless beauty and wonder”
Footage of bacteria "A process that started 4.3 billion years ago”
sped up evolution video "It can be easy to take for granted, what went on to bring to bring you into this world”
B Roll shots of the videos like people are awesome on YouTube.
"Life can be fun" shots of fun like a birthday party with kids and happy parents
“Life can be funny”
“Life can be sad”
“The life we live in today is rapidly changeing before our eyes"
Move b roll into cool
Technology type stuff
space x rockets going up and cheering “And it never ceases to amaze"
“There seems to be endless oppurtunity....  which poses the question, you were given one life, and what are you going to do with it? Because in a world that flows in the river of time, theres only one thing you choose. And thats your own actions.”
..... Transition
Depressing footage of ageing
“But it all comes to an end”
“Everyone eventually surcomes to the disease of ageing”
“Think of a time scale of all of human history, roughly 200,000 years, and all of the future, we estimate that to be 100 trillion years, and on that scale draw a line representing 78 years the average human lifespan right where we are now. Now draw a line on that time scale, where we could expect to figure out our DNA’s code and eradicate aging”
On a relative time scale, these two instances are almost together. And the actions you take in your lifetime could be the difference between it overlapping, between you having a chance at experiencing humanities rise, or falling into the void forever.

13:52 for the next minute at least.
How there’s a bunch of distraction from what’s needed.
Go with education!
Show them life is a miracle.
Life on this planet is so beautiful and where it’s going is unknown. We are telling that story.

Make a tiktok:
Watching Disney Channel is great....
But the future of this planet and consciousness as we know it is up in the air so we should probably figure that out first
Instagram is great...
But the future of this planet and consciousness as we know it is up in the air so we should probably figure that out first
Watching Cat videos is great and all...
But we should probably figure the future of humanity and our planet first

The Butterfly Effect - How You Will Inevitable Change Everything
Video preview


Good place to recruit from

Content Will BE KEY
Woke Tiktoks:
Woke person who understands the fall of society is coming
Jake Paul talking about how life’s a simulation
Existism tiktok
Existism style tiktok

Tiktok about how life is a game and how it’s all made up and bashing the normal lifestyle

Sciencephile video thoughts

Viral video hyping immortality and reshared on insta

Hour 1:20:05
To 1:23:30
Great point about how weirdness is subjective and how weird reality really is
Nihilism is like you being let out to play for recess and you deciding that there is no reason to do so.

Woke girl existential crisis super viral

Last lecture ever. Beautiful sentiment

https://youtu.be/DxREm3s1scA Humanity has issues but despite all that I love humanity and I think we should make sure we do everything we can to have a good future and maximize the happiness of the people 1:37 to 1:58
17:42 to 17:48 I don’t care about optimism or pessimism fuck that we’re gonna get it done
29:38 to 30:34 in order to pass a great filter we must become a multi planetary specifies
Given enough time to earth will experience a calamity
500 million years left
To 31:15 First time in 4.5 billion years to extend life beyond earth we shouldn’t pass it up and we should act quickly just in case
Life insurance for life
32:30 bring plants and animals to mars and breathe life into the planet
EarthX > SpaceX

Mr nobody movie time stamps
What was it like when humans were mortal?