Logicism - Changing the world via information
Propaganda to unite the world
Together here we are.
We are all in this together.
Information changes the world.
All this shit that I embody, why am I not wearing it on my body
Do you chase the dark thoughts that one has, or do you ignore them? Your perspective creates your reality,is it bad for me to immerse myself in the negative thoughts or better to live in ignorance as bliss, maybe the ignorance literally is bliss.

Meaning and purpose.
It’ll all make sense in the end
Everyone who does anything does so with some meaning or purpose. That is an inherent truth.
This meaning can take unlimited forms. We are often taught, implicitly or explicity, that some purposes and meanings are superior to others.
In the latter years of my adolescence, I was confronted with the daunting realization that life itself was inherently meaningless. I had no more reason to invest my faith in religion than to invest it in the notion that we exist in a simulation. There was no way to justify such a blind, zealous endorsement of something we could not prove. All the while, maximizing my Christianity seemed to lack meaning as well.
“I mean where do I really even start”
Stop song there
Let’s begin with the fundamental argument that some things carry more importance than others. At any given moment, we are deciphering the importance of the objects and concepts before us - determining what matters and holds value. As we age, we begin to discover the bigger picture, observe the patterns of life, and gain a better understanding of how to assess importance. This is what I consider wisdom: the ability to construe importance with studied objectivity, rather than aligning one's reasoning with their emotions.
We used to cry when our favorite toy was taken from us. We then cried when we did bad on a test; some people cry when their favorite sports team loses. Humans are inclined to associate their own value with these things, in turn giving power to the outcomes of these situations surrounding that instance being positive or negative control over our emotions. Ageging changes what we give a fuck about, go talk to your grandma and see if she cares if celebrity x broke up with celebrity y or who got chosen on the bachelorette. Maybe she does, and I must mention a high level of wisdom is not a guarantee of age, thinking you are wiser than someone because of your age is a fallacy.  When evaluating what to give a fuck about it’s good to try to embrace a sense of scale. A breakup with a lover can be hard, it can feel like the world is ending, and sadly for some they are so unable to see past the fog of anguish that they end their life, not taking into account that time will change things and they could live a happy life once again. When we take in a sense of scale, we can see that in time we will be happy again, we may find someone new, and we will move forward. Now this scale is simple right. Now think of the eternal afterlife promised in many religions, when we say eternity, infinite, it’s impossible to wrap our heads around that sort of scale, in any advanced math class we know that anything over infinity is equal to 0. Now knowing this you may question, if what I do in this lifetime, can effect how I spent my infinity, then spending .0 repeating 1 percent of my time worshipping that god, would be a no brainer. (Or a big brainer) but many don’t subscribe to the way of thinking that more worshipping is better. Many people whether they know it or not take on a religious view of anatheism, this is the belief that if god is good then he will base your life off of your morals and your actions rather than how much your worship him, and if god is bad and only cares about you worshipping or sacrifincg to him then he is not a god worth worshipping. if you think of your own lifetime, how long you expect to live you’ll probably be around the average lifespan of 72 years, give or take.
Existism - A subsect of rationalism, our current state of thought with current information
A rational open-minded view on the world, purpose in life, and practical reasoning to continue existing.
Core beliefs
  • There is no way to know for sure if there is an afterlife at this time, or if that afterlife is even considered more desirable than this life.
  • Within the next 50 years we may figure out how to survive for another 50 years
  • The more information you have, the better you are able to find the answer to a question. By this I mean that your purpose/view on the world should be fluid as there is still so much we don’t know. With all the information we currently have, the best thing we could do is put our selves in a place to be able to get the rest of the information.
That’s what makes death so hard, unfinished curiosity
Its not a fear of death, its a love of life
Once you accept death you can enjoy life.
My goal: relinquish the time limit set on my consciousness
Logic Problem
Game Rules:
You are an ant, you want to maximise the amount of pebbles you get. You get 1 year
How do I get the most
Lets say you have 1 bit
You are a human, you want to maximise time spent enjoying life which will be 72 years unless something changes. Imagine you could spend your whole 72 years doing your best to enjoy life. Now imagine that you could spend those 72 years at a chance to recieve 100 trillion years. The problem is that it is a chance, you may spend 72 years and recieve 0 more. If there is a 50% chance of success your expected value would be 50 trillion years. If there was a 1% chance your expected value would be 1 trillion years. If the chance is 0.000000000072% or 7.2 in a trillionth chance then the expected value is 72 years. You only enjoy life at 1/100th if the rate as those 72 years. .0000000072%
There is also a chance that no matter what the world will reach that point. Your efforts will not be the butterfly effect that equates to bodily immortality. In which case you should spend your life putting yourself in the best place to spend all those years.
Instead we understand that we spend some of our lives happy, and the rest doing things to keep us happy.
Chapter 2:
Enjoyment is relative
you will enjoy the work just as much as the "fun" you will just need to restrict yourself fully from the fun as to chop off the top of the graph.
Include a graph with rollercoasters of the most fun rollercoasters. You have x amount of fun on the BEST rollercoaster, it doesnt matter how good it is, just that its the best. Ride the smaller rollercoaster and demolish all the big ones and youll have just as much fun. But if you ride the small rollercoaster while looking at pictures and videos of the big ones. You will feel none.
Die now or live forever
Draw lines on whiteboard as measures of scale
We are the universe experience itself, so let’s keep experiencing it until there are no more questions to ask
200,000 years ago when the homo Sapien came to be, up until 6,000 bc we as humans had nothing to do but survive. A larger and larger portion of humanity from 6,000 bc to now has entered into a lifestyle where a surplus of food and a safe environment has made survival an expectation and our death changed from not being caused by our failure or success in finding food or fighting, but by chance and luck. Well I for one am undoubtedly convinced that we are entering into a new era, where we can again fight death, not with our strength or speed but with our wit of mind. Many people may say oh that’s unnatural I will die when I die, let nature take its course. If you have those thoughts let me explain why they fall short. A cure to anything is life extension, when you were young and got sick, did you say no thanks medicine I’ll let nature take its course, no thanks vaccinations, let the disease take its course. We as a society get so use to our norms it can be hard to see past them, under 200 years ago our average life span was halve of what it is today. We are already past the point of natural, the movement towards extension of life will simply be our ability to cure everything in our path, rather than losing the battle to the illnesses, reversing our aging effects is turning the dial in the right direction for your quality of life.
Can we really blame our ancestors for their savegery in a life or death situation?
Today our choices are a life and death situation, it’s just some of us just have just accepted death, or can’t fathom that it really is a choice.
🎶 Do you believe in life after life? 🎶
Today our choices are a life and death situation, it’s just some of us just have just accepted death, or can’t fathom that it really is a choice
An afterlife?
If you knew you were going to live hundreds of thousands of years would you live differently? Would you give more thought on what you should do now to benefit yourself long term? Check out this chart
"I want to save your life, and i need YOUR help to do it" For the genetic company
War is upon us and you and I are the warriors fitted for our time. Without this sentiment life is random and disappointing but with this, life is the very battle every boy had wanted to fight since he was young.
What the fuck are you doing? No seriously... you may be working to get a better house, a nicer car. A better looking spouse. For what? To die and for your name to be forgotten. To be a blink in the universe.
For millions of years death has been an inescapable path. Society has come to accept death as a part of life. Where we are now, and where we are going brings into light the possibility of eternal, or extended life. Survival, even more innate than our acceptance for death. I will not accept 100 years as a long life.
Make YouTube video “what is the meaning of life? Answered.”
“I will not relax until I’m cryogenically frozen
Do your part for the machine you’re in, stay alive. Sharper claws were a tool, now your brain is the tool
Logicism | Understanding Existence With Logic
Logicism is a philosophy which brings together a community of those who wish to live more deliberately, with logic as the guiding posts for moving forward. We believe life philosophies and religions should have a framework built around strict principles of validity. Today, many are not full believers in their religion, and loosely use the framework for moral good, and the belonging of a community. Religion and philosophy we believe should not be something to be half in or out of. These are the cornerstone pieces of our identity, and show our very core beliefs in the world. With the founding members of logicism lacking the strict tendency towards truth and logic in their native religions, they came together and laid the framework for you to debrief yourself with.
Logicism is purely that, logical, and in the ideas displayed emotion was only taken into account in a logical sense. Logicism is a structure for humans, and as humans we have certain emotional capacities and needs and it is only logical to attend to those as much as necessary.
Whether you are comfortable with the fact or not, every action we take has ourselves in mind first and foremost. This is a fact of life, and it's one that most people will not claim, as it does not make logical sense to. Now you may be sitting reading this and saying this is bullshit. I do things for toher, and you definitely do, but you do it because it furthers your identity of yourself as a good person and makes you feel good about YOURSELF. We humans are built with varying levels of empathy, we feel negative or positive emotions based on helping others and based on what others think of us and thus we act in accordance with this.
We as humans want other humans to regard us as a human that's valuable. If you display the fact that everything you do is for yourself, it's a bad signal and for that reason we not only cloud others' knowledge of that, many have clouded their own.
Which is logical after all, it's much more authentic to believe in oneself, and to make it a part of your identity that you are someone who is selfless and cares about more than just themself.
Acceptance is the best first step. Realize that every single person is just like you and has their self interest in mind. Understand that others’ self interests can include acts of altruism, friendship, and loyalty as well and surround yourself with those who have a natural tendency for this.
Karma is an idea that causes others to do more kind acts, as it increases the self interests of someone doing good to others. The perceived value of kind acts is raised, and the perceived degradation from immoral acts is increased as well.
Logically, there is nothing mythical when it comes to karma. As far as we know there is no universe tracker which is leading you into better or worse realities based on your actions. Instead karma is human based, with negative effects from wronging others coming from others having a negative perception of you.

Ideas in the brain can act as armor against the negative thoughts that come to mind.
Having rock solid ideas embedded in your core can provided massive resisiliances against these negative thoughts or feelings.
As we know, our emotions do not always think logically. And we must use logic at times to control this emotion and move forward not with our anger, fear, or hate emotions, and rather move with love.
Our actions differ based on the mood one is in, so by fighting to stay in a good mood as much as possible we can take more positive actions.