Cult Camp

Cult Camp, Followers of Vibeism, Readers of the Holy Vible, Creators of Memes, Secret Society
(Are you able to make a donation to our cause?)
(Will you want to attend camp and become a disciple with us?)
(Move the parties up the Chain of Command who are most invested/valuble to us)
The next world religion will be a meme

Burncast burning man podcast

Pitch cult camp to Nelk boys possibly for Nelkism
The people love you for the bold creative ideas, the crazy content. But your ROI on content versus spend is lacking.
Have lots of bedding for everyone
Like a military camp
Use whistles for camp leaders
Red robes
Disciples are the ones in
Cult studio
$Cult coin
Start your cult today
Ari | the guy who made me realize Iā€™m a cult creator

Cult camp rolling fund annually called burning capital
(news article)
Rolling Fund Burning Capital failing to meets it mark, ends up making capital. GPā€™s desperately trying to burn more capital.

Live life different. Theres an ample amount of strategies in the world to guerrilla market our tribe and what we do.
Burning Man is one of those options that would work best as a cult or secret society.