The 22 year old entrepreneur who’s trying to defeat ageing
The 22 year old whos racing against death
The 22 year old whos manufacturing the most valuble commodity in the world, time.
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Jack Jay of Los Angeles, California has devoted his life to defeating aging, and genetic related diseases. He says this change in the way he views life has made every single part of it more magical and meaningful. I got the chance to talk and interview with Jack at his residence in the Made Mansion in Beverly Hills.
"In elementary school a question I remember being asked multiple times was what I would do with one wish, and I was always the smartass to say wish for more wishes. With my life I am doing the same thing. I have one life and I am going to spend it attempting to multiply it, not only in length but in quality of many who live in chronic pain from birth, or who never make it past being a teenage for some genetic bug”
He relayed to me that he sees life like a racing game. Where the checkpoint is uncovering the underlying language of our genetic code enabling us to edit it effectively. "The technology is there, it just requires an understanding of the processor our body uses"
I had to know what the type of stress must be like on a daily basis when every action is viewed as a fight for survival.
"Its funny you ask that, I did in fact burnout at the end of my teens with a lack of progress and a head of want. I came through that state with a new perspective which is all too obvious now. I wont regret not making it, or making enough progress, or doing the wrong thing. The only thing I would regret is not trying."
What mad you come to this conclusion? Why aging?
“Well I come from a family of engineers, my brain it seems, is built for optimization. I was raised Christian, but at a young age I came to the conclusion that I was only Christian becasue my parents said they were, and my friends were only Muslim because there parents were and so on. I thought this was a silly way of choosing something so important. This meant my quest for something grander started early on and I started looking for more answers. I started looking at optimizing my life I would refer to stoic philosophy and ask myself what did I know and what would I do about it. I didnt know much, and so I went searching to learn more. Access to the internet enabled to be able to interact with plentiful amounts of people more older and wiser than me. I looked into many different religions and groups. For example, Buddhism encouraged detachment from everything including friends and family. This to me was suicide without bodily death. Now, buddhism displays many great values as do all religions and I do not mean to put anyone down. Rather I am sharing a transparent viewpoint of my perspective and growth into it. No religion ever really made complete sense to me they were all TOO SURE of what was, and not dynamic enough. I took everything I knew and condensed that down to the base principles which makes up my philosophy and view on life today. Part of the conclusion is that within my lifetime we will not have all the answers, and thus any conclusion, even acceptance of death would be wrong."
What if you are wrong? What if there is an afterlife or god?
“I dont deny the existence of a god or higher power. I simply follow the principle that if that higher power or god is good it will base my entrance/acceptance into afterlive/heaven on my actions, my morals, and how I treat people. If the god is malevolent, and only cares how much I worship them, it is not a god worth worshipping in the first place. And hey, maybe thats a bad idea. Maybe I should bow down to the all powerful malevolent god, but thats just not my style."
How exactly do you plan to attack aging?
"This is no easy answer. It shouldnt be either, with such a complex system happening with our DNA, and such a complex world there are a incalculable amount of factors in deciding the optimal path forward. The path that leads to the highest success rate is not as simple as going to college to study biomedical technologies and working in a lab researching. If one wanted to produce as many gummy bears as possible. What they should do is not start making gummy bears right away, but build capital to buy the machinery which will produce gummy bears automatically. Bringing this metaphor back into my life, the internet and media on it shaped my belief system into what it is today. When I meet people who believe they could enjoy life for many many years, and who have no religious belief. It does not take long before I can bring the rational conclusion of defeating death into their day to day thinking. Now the scale at which people then bring this information into action varies greatly, its one thing to understand a concept, and its another to live by it. Its still a struggle I fight with myself on a regular basis. I live in a house of entrepreneurs. Half of them understand and agree with my motives, but we are all young and the current strategy is to nurture their careers before embarking on a larger life quest like defeating aging.
My transition of work to wisdom is one I look forward too. Currently the opportunities for currency is grand which will be spent to help spread the belief system of defeating death. It makes more sense to increase the reach of my words more than to start spewing them.
Why do I want to spread my words and belief as the main thing I believe will help? Words are like spells, they change the person who hears them. Returning to our metaphor of gummy manufacturing, I am not just going to help in producing gummy manufacturing machines, but I will convince a certain % of the entire population that making gummy bears is a life and death situation. And I don’t even have to lie to do it. This literally is life and death, and you should be scared for your life. Your operating system just doesn’t know how to fear such a long-term rot.
I don’t mean you should be scared literally every second. But the fear can be a great motivator for myself at time. I meditate and imagine my body dying, my memory fading, shitting myself and having my son have to clean me up, knees failing, being confined to a wheelchair, taking 10 prescription drugs, till I fade to black, and that. That helps motivate me. But I’m not scared on a day to day basis, at the end of the day the only thing I would regret is leaving this world without having tried.
This article may just save my life, and if not mine, it will save a certain number of others. This is obviously a bold statement, and I really want to break it down, because this understanding made me more in tune with how the small actions I take, have a large effect on my and humanities future.
This is completely based on the law of averages.
Imagine a society where every person read this article. I can then state as fact that you and every person on this earth would have a higher average lifespan.
Our view of the world creates the future of it, nothing humanity has done has not been believed to be able to be done by someone. It takes someone believing in something for it to even have a chance of happening. This essay is persuasive towards a belief system of longevity and living a life aligned with that goal. On average it will increase the attention, hope, and drive towards this field. You only need to influence one person to completely change the world and you only need to influence them one tiny bit. The smallest change now could be the difference by the time you would reach your point of passing, whether extension of yourself is avalible to you. Some people say you will only live in a timeline where that’s the case, this is called Quantam immortality, and while it intrigues me, it’s not something I feel I can completely rely on.
It’s a theory that as long as their exists a universe in which you continue living, that you will live in that universe. That means I would essentially have to commit suicide to force a reality where I for sure die. For the believers of Quantam immortality, I propose this. Is complacency or lack of action a form of suicide? My answer is yes. Imagine a man in the middle of a Olympic swimming pool. He is full of energy and can easily make it to safety. If he does not swim, something that requires direct action, but something he can do with ease, he would be committing suicide. If he locks his arms to his side and does not utilize them he is committing suicide.
This is my call of action to you Quantam immortality believes. A ignorance or lack of action may be your suicide. This story is my own way of swimming to the edge of the pool, of making sure I do my part to live in the reality where I continue to exist here. And hey, it’s not that bad, in fact it’s hard for me to imagine a better starting point than being one of the people who understood where the world was going, and helped the first immortal humans reach that state.
If this resonates with you, join us at existism.org, we can always use more fighters against the grim reaper.”
Well I feel like I have a lot to process after that answer. I can tell it’s been thought about a lot.
“Well people don’t care to know until they know how much you care”
It’s obvious to me how much you care. Thank you for our time.